VESPA is a research driven model. We continue to undertake several key pieces of research in the field of student mindset in schools across the UK.

The VESPA research lab was set-up in 2016 to produce high-quality and where possible,  independent research and insights to inform the development of the framework, the VESPA psychometric and the tool kit.

We have a number of active research projects and aim to  provide schools and colleges with a research informed approach.

Below is a selection of research project that have used the VESPA approach.


Effects of a 6 Month Programme to Develop Students’ Confidence in Independent Learning, 2019-20

Key outcomes and project impact:
Increase in students’ confidence towards A Level standards
Increase in students’ confidence towards understanding what independent work is and how to complete it successfully
Increase in students’ confidence to use their free time effectively
Increase in students’ feeling of being supported by the school
Increase in teachers’ confidence about what students need to help them 

Developing Non-Cognitive Attributes in A Level Students, 2019

Key outcomes:
Data analysis shows that students with the non-cognitive attributes that support learning do well, whilst those who lack these do not perform so well. Early analysis of the programme suggests that it is effective in increasing these attributes, which should lead to positive academic outcomes.

The Impact and use of the VESPA Programme at Post 16, 2019

"Implementing the VESPA system has helped us keep improving and our sixth form results now rank in the top 5% of UK Alps schools and colleges."

The impact of the VESPA Programme on high performing students, 2018

Key outcomes and project impact:
the implementation of the VESPA focus had a significant impact on students’ mindsets
Focused student VESPA launches gave clarity to the programme, and subsequent assemblies focused on specific aspects of VESPA engaged students well.independent work is and how to complete it successfully
A Form Period is an ideal time to devote to VESPA, but the enthusiasm of the tutor is vital. 
The post-test individual feedback reports provide an excellent basis for coaching conversations and are largely valued by students.

The impact of Systems and Practice on Improved outcomes for learners. 2018-19

Key outcomes:
"In the short time available we worked with two English cohorts on VESPA (vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude) by embracing Oakes and Griffin’s suggested activities. The two groups who experienced this different focus in teaching did remarkably well and we saw a significant improvement in progress."

Current Projects

Welsh Schools Projects:
We are delighted to be providing training for all school 6th forms in
Wales. In addition, we are currently in the process of delivering a project to support Wales’  brightest students across KS2 to KS5 achieve their full academic potential and support their  education pathway into leading universities in Wales, the UK, and overseas.

European League for Middle Level Education: 
It’s been a real honour to have the opportunity to be working with ELMLE and we are looking forward to presenting at their virtual international conference this year to provide an overview of the future VESPA project.