Our new online portal has been developed to maximise student independence.  Once the students  have been registered on the platform they can login and complete their VESPA questionnaire on any device. They will gain immediate access to their results and a bespoke student and tutor report.  Staff  can also be uploaded to the portal and access the results of their teaching groups and are able to view a breakdown of all results and reports. This makes coaching conversations quick, easy and highly productive.
If you sign up for the Silver or Gold packages students gain access to a bespoke, online programme, generated for them from their results. This is ideal for a independent pastoral programme, which can be delivered on site or remotely.
Try our questionnaire below to view a sample report.


Results are displayed in numerical and visual form, as a bar chart, making it easy to assess strengths and weaknesses instantly

Student questionnaire results are instantly displayed alongside their student and tutor reports, which can be viewed on any device or printed.

In total 3 students can undertake the questionnaire up to 3 times within any academic year.

Students are unable to repeat the questionnaire until 6 weeks after their first attempt, or at a time specified by the organisation. 


MY VESPA is a bespoke online learning platform for students, tailored for them from the results of their questionnaire.

A bespoke pastoral programme is created for students to work through independently on any device.

Student reflections are saved automatically for them to return at any point. Perfect for on site delivery or remote learning

The MY VESPA portal is available on our SILVER and GOLD packages


Our organisation reports provide insight across specific cohorts. Allowing senior leaders to implement specific, targeted interventions.

We have created a live data dashboard to view your VESPA results as students complete.

VESPA Bronze

£  2. 00

/Per Student / Per Year

3 Cycles of the VESPA Psychometric

Bespoke Student & Tutor Reports

Instant Results, graphs and overall dashboard

Student & Staff Access on any device

1 Tutor Account for every 20 students 


£  3. 60

/Per Student / Per Year

All Bronze features

Access to MY VESPA - Our bespoke online learning platform

Access to Digital Version of our Work Books

Full Results dashboard

Additional HOY / HOD Accounts


£  4. 60

/Per Student / Per Year

All Bronze & Silver features

Unlimited staff access to Resource Package

Interactive VESPA Insight Board 

Organisation results analysis and support

Unlimited staff access